As a land trust, we acquire lands adjacent to the coast throughout Galicia to protect them for public enjoyment and ecosystem preservation.



We organize volunteer events focused on Northwest Spain marine and upland ecosystem education and cleanup along the Galicia coast.



We maintain and create hiking trails and engage youth and others in ecosystem education specific to the rich Galicia marine life, upland habitats, and historic uses by local inhabitants.



Sign up to volunteer with us and be a strong local voice to protect what is left of Galicia's fragile coastal ecosystems.

For more information about our programs contact us at pablomartinezshots@gmail.com

About Us: Land and Water

We are a land trust working in Galicia, Spain, a remarkable location for ecosystem incubators such as small cove beaches touching pine wood forests which over the last two decades have been under threat by roads, deforestation and poorly thought out urban development, further stressed by the deteriorating effects of climate change. 

Through education of youth, adults, local governments, fishing community and tourism management, we aim to change behaviors to reverse these trends, increase awareness of climate and behavioral impacts to local ecosystems and open spaces.  

Through strategic land purchases of key parcels, we aim to create greenways and protect natural spaces preserving these ecosystems for the future.