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PROJECT CABO UDRA - Land and Water Strategies

TERRA NOSA's Cabo Udra project involves creating a 'green-patch' on the adjacent slopes and woodlands of Cabo Udra, a proected part of the O Morrazo peninsula.  Despite its designation as a protected space, vehicle intrusions, unmanaged road encroachment, illegal tree felling, illegal fishing, and no marine ecosystem protections has meant degradation, over-use, habitat loss and stress to land and marine species.

This area has woodland parcels mostly made up of privately-held and government-owned tracts that are within 1000m from the coast and are essential to buffering the small coves that act as incubators of rich marine life.  However, illegal tree poaching, over forestation, and unwise road development has already badly affected many of the local species of crustaceans, fish, birds and mammals as a result of runoff and habitat destruction and segmentation.

TERRA NOSA has identified land parcels in this area for acquisition and is raising funds to add them to its land trust.  Our goal is to piece together sufficient buffers for coastal marine protection, and allow for native species growth in the woodlands. 


It is preparing a local education program for both local politicians as well as landowners.  This education program aims to work in public/private partnership to protect this area, to create value in its continued protection, and engender youth to care for this open space as prior generations had done, and pledge to sustain its longevity as an open space for common use by humans and other native species.

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